You and Me Classes Co-ed (Ages 18 months – 3 Yrs)
Each young student has at least one parent as their own personal assistant.  An instructor will teach the class while the parents assist and encourage.  Emphasis is on increased sensory integration, coordination, and agility.

Tumble Bugs Co-ed (Ages 3-5)
A broad program developing sensory integration through rolls, handstand skills, cartwheels, positions through muscle memory, short routines, flip flops, climbing the mountain, rope climb, fun strength conditioning, and feel good stretching are a sample of what your child will experience during this class.  Increased persistence, respect, and social skills are an added benefit.

School-Age Gymnastics

Girls age 6 and up can participate in our recreational program.  Depending on their skill level, they will be learning skills on balance beam, bars, trampoline, floor, vault, as well as strength activities and of course lots of fun.

Boys age 6 and up will learn skills on the trampoline and double mini trampoline, and will also learn tumbling skills.  They will also be working on building strength, flexibility, and perseverance.

Trampoline and Tumbling
Trampoline and Tumbling classes are co-ed classes that kids can start at age 6.  We have beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels in trampoline and tumbling.  This class consists of learning trampoline skills, tumbling skills, and double-mini skills.  We also have tumbling only classes.

Ninja Kidz Co-ed
This class trains youngsters ages 4 & up in the art of movement around obstacles (free running). They’ll jump, roll, slide, and bounce off obstacles while learning how to fall correctly and safely. A perfect class to work off lots of energy!

Cheer – Tumbling Clinic – Co-ed
In addition to our tumbling only classes, we hold a tumbling drop-in for those who are competing in cheerleading programs or simply wish to improve their tumbling skills.  Held on Sunday evenings, this drop-in program enables athletes to progress at individual paces.  Instructors and spotters are on-hand to tailor individual workouts.  Junior High and younger aged athletes attend from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm,  high school and college athletes attend from 7:30 pm-9:00 pm.

Classes for Homeschooled Children Co-ed
We have gymnastics classes for ages 6 through 18 that are taught during the school day. Students can also choose from our regular gymnastics program, our trampoline & tumbling program, or our Ninja Kidz program. The daytime classes are not quite as intensive as our evening classes as the children have mixed ages and abilities, but they are a good choice for parents looking to place more than one child in the same class.

Artistic Team/XCEL team – Girls
The purpose of the artistic team is to provide a challenging and fun outlet for girls who show a great interest in the sport of gymnastics. We have Pre team, and Bronze, Silver, and Gold Xcel teams which compete at meets around the area in the winter/spring, and are expected to practice year-round.

The team is focused on the four events of women’s artistic gymnastics (vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise). We will use trampolines as a training tool (and for fun) once in a while, but trampoline skills are not the focus of this team.

Tryouts for the team take place in May of each year. For the artistic team we look for strong, hard-working girls that have some basic skills, and love gymnastics! It is important that they are also good listeners and have a positive attitude.

KidzinMotion Preschool

See the Open Gym/Parties page for information on our educational preschool program.

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