1. Students accepted at any time.  Tuition payments must be paid in full at the beginning of each billing period.  We will prorate if a student begins during any scheduled billing period.

2. Make up classes – Missed classes may be made up, but we ask that they be made up within 6-8 weeks of the missed class.  All make-ups must be done while you are still enrolled in class.  To complete a make up, check the schedule for other times that your child’s class is offered.  Select one of the alternate times, and when you come in, stop by the front desk to notify us that you are there for a make up. You can also complete a make up by attending an open gym for free.  After the child has dropped from class, make ups are allowed only at open gym.  See our schedule for other classes and times.  Make ups that have accrued during the school year and summer session expire at the end of the summer session.

3. DROP OUT.  Your child will remain enrolled until June (for the school year session) unless you notify the front desk otherwise.  This is just for your convenience; you are under no obligation to remain and may drop at at the end of any billing period. No drop notice is needed at the end of the school year session or the summer session.

4. NO REFUNDS for absence or withdrawal.  NO PRORATE for classes missed.

5. Number of students per class:
Preschool:  We operate on a 7 –1 ratio. (We add instructors as needed).
All other classes:  We operate on a 8-1 ratio.  If more than 8 students are in a class, the class is split      between the appropriate number of instructors.

6. All jewelry must be kept at home.  Hair must be tied back and absolutely no gum chewing.

7. No food or drinks allowed in the gym at any time. They are, however, allowed in our lobby area.

8. Clothing – girls are encouraged to wear leotards but may wear shorts and a T-shirt.  They do not need tights and wear nothing on the feet.  Boys should wear t-shirts and loose fitting shorts.  No denim or long shorts. Girls in our Novice and higher classes should wear leotards if at all possible.

9. No one is allowed in the gym area until his or her class begins and the instructor is present.  Gymnasts are required to remain in the viewing area until the instructor calls for their class.

10. Parents are to view the classes from within the viewing area.  Please do not stand in the hallway as this obstructs our traffic flow.

11. Physical, emotional, and mental limitations should be brought to the attention of the instructor.  For the Kidz reserves the right to ask for a doctor’s permission slip for such limitations, and to refuse service to any student who cannot follow directions or is a discipline problem.

12. Snow day policy –All closings will be announced on our website, our Facebook page, WZZM, and a notification will be sent as well through our free app.   If we close due to weather, you may schedule a make up for your child.

13. Tornado watches and warnings – Classes are in session during a tornado watch but are cancelled if there is a tornado warning.  Make ups will then be available.

14. Do not leave valuables at the gym.  Any student caught stealing will be banned from the gym and prosecuted.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

15. Although we love children, we are not a babysitting service.  Please do not drop your child off early for class or open gym, and please pick them up promptly.  Consistent violators will be charged babysitting fees.

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