We are open for Classes!  Class sizes are limited for now, and we will increase these as conditions allow. There has been a small increase in class pricing, and you can view this on the Rates page. The first billing period will be pro-rated to reflect the opening date. To enroll, just give us a call at 616-726-7979, and if no one answers leave a message about which class you’d like, child’s name, birth date, and the date you’d like to start. Camps will begin the week of July 6, and open gyms will begin on July 13.

Here’s what you need to know to come to class for the time being:
1. Please send a backpack with your child to class, as the cubbies will be closed off until further notice. Upon arrival, if able, your child should use the hand sanitizer located inside the front door. For classes aged 6 & up, the student should then proceed to a For the Kidz circle (located on the floor in the lobby) and wait there. They should remove their shoes (and socks), along with other clothing that is not needed for class, and place them in the backpack. The backpack will be carried by each student out into the gym with them. Preschool aged children should head upstairs as usual.
2. Please also send a filled water bottle along with your student so they can avoid congregating at the drinking fountain.
3. Preschool aged children should sit on a chair in the waiting area upstairs while waiting for class to begin. They will be called out into the gym by the instructor one at a time. Each waiting chair has a zoo animal picture attached to it. They should remember the zoo animal that is on their chair as they will be using the various apparatus that has that particular animal attached to it. All the equipment will be sanitized between each class.
4. If possible, please do not bring other siblings to watch classes, and please also only come with one parent per child because viewing space is extremely limited at this time. We do ask that preschool parents remain in the building as always, and for students aged 6 & up, if possible, please do not remain for viewing. Parents can line up on the sidewalk outside for class dismissal, and the coach will walk the students outside to meet up with their parents. The bathrooms will remain open for those needing the facilities. We will open up more room for viewing as conditions allow.
5. If you would like your youngster to wear a mask for class, or for entering and exiting, they are welcome to do so.

We still have room for some youngsters for the 2020-2021 Kidz in Motion school year! A $50 deposit is needed to hold your spot. We will start by taking enrollments for the morning sessions, and will proceed to the afternoon slots once the morning slots are full. If you prefer the afternoon, just let us know and we can put you on a waiting list for the pm. You can call us at 616-726-7979 or stop on in to enroll. Paperwork will be handed out at an open house scheduled for a later date.

For the Kidz has a free app!  Get quick access to the latest news and schedules, as well as notifications about gym closings and special events. Be sure to allow notifications on your phone to get the weather related closings and other important news (we don’t send notifications very often).  The android version is available in the Google Play Store, and the iPhone version is now available at the App Store!  Search for For the Kidz Gymnastics.

For open gym times, see the Open Gym link on the Activities page.

Closings due to weather or other issues will be made on our Facebook page, our website, WZZM, or you can get a notification through our free app.  We do not follow the school closings in the area and make our own judgement call. If we are open and you feel that it is unsafe to drive your child here for class, no worries, we will just record your child absent and you can complete a make up.

We don’t do formal evaluations in class, but are always watching the students to see if they can perform all the tasks needed for the next level. When a student is ready for the next level, the coach will inform the student and parent that the student can now transfer to the next level class. The switch can be made mid-billing period, there is no need to wait for the next billing cycle. If you would like to know how your student is doing in class, just talk to the coach either right before or right after the class.

If your child misses a class for any reason, he/she will automatically have a make up coming. To complete a make up class, just look at the schedule for the days and times that your child’s class meets on (for example, if your child is in Beginning Girls, look at the schedule for all the days and times that Beginning Girls meets on). Select one that will work for you, and then you can just show up for that class. Be sure to stop by the front desk when you arrive to let us know you are there. You do not have to complete your make up in the same week that you miss. Just be sure to get it in before your child drops from class. Or, if you wish, your child can come to open gym for free as a make up.

To see the payment schedule for classes, visit the Rates page attached to our Classes page.

To view our class schedule, see the link on the Classes page. To view our open gym times, click on the Activities tab and view the attached open gym schedule.


Want to avoid standing in line to pay your bill?  Use our Pay Bill Online link!