We will be open on Tuesday, Oct 31. If your child will miss class due to other activities, no problem, we will record your child absent and you will have a make up coming. To complete a make up, please see the instructions below.

We are now on our school year schedule! To view the schedule, see the link on the Classes page.  There has been a .25 per week rate increase.  To sign up, just stop by the front desk, or call us at 616-726-7979.

Open gym times have changed now that we are on our school year schedule. To view our open gym times, click on the Activites tab and view the attached open gym schedule.

If your child misses a class for any reason, he/she will automatically have a make up coming.  To complete a make up class, just look at the schedule for the days and times that your child’s class meets on (for example, if your child is in Beginning Girls, look at the schedule for all the days and times that Beginning Girls meets on).  Select one that will work for you, and then you can just show up for that class.  Be sure to stop by the front desk when you arrive to let us know you are there.  You do not have to complete your make up in the same week that you miss.  Just be sure to get it in before your child drops from class.  Or, if you wish, your child can come to open gym for free as a make up.


See our Open Gym page for our current open gym times.

Want to avoid standing in line to pay your bill?  Use our Pay Bill Online link!