Dance Classes

Dance classes with the exception of Hip Hop are taught by Statia Faith Smith and Mariah Kooistra.  Statia has studied various forms of dance for over 26 years, and has been teaching dance for over 14 years.  She has trained under numerous dance professionals, and is now working at For the Kidz!  The Hip-Hop class is taught by Michael Bates who has taught dance for over 10 years. Hip-hop is an urban style of dance that is forever evolving. This class will encompass high and low energy music that consist of rap, hip-hop, R&B, and pop sounds. Students will learn the different sub styles of Hip Hop dance such as Breaking, Popping, Waving, and Krumping while focusing on musicality and rhythm.

We offer the following classes for fall 2016-spring 2017

  • Beginning Ballet/Creative Movement  ages 4-6
  • Beginning Ballet/Contemporary Dance ages 7-12
  • Beginning-Intermediate Ballet/Contemporary  ages 7-12
  • Beginning-Intermediate Ballet/Contemporary/Jazz  ages 13+
  • Hip-Hop ages 6+
  • Intermediate Ballet/Jazz  ages 7+
  • Intermediate/Advanced Ballet/Contemporary  ages 13+
  • Intermediate/Advanced Ballet/Contemporary/Jazz ages 13+
  • Open Dance Class – enrollment without the recital commitment.  Various styles of dance are taught week to week.  Ages 5-10

See the 2017 summer schedule linked to our Classes page for specific days and times.  The summer schedule begins June 5.

How do you determine your child’s level?  Begin by looking at the age group for your child.  If your child has more than 1.5 years of prior dance experience and you would like them to be placed in a higher level, please email for an exception prior to registration.

Ballet shoes are required for all ballet classes and can be purchased at Kicks Dancewear, Payless, or other stores that carry basic ballet slippers.

To register, just stop by the front desk, or call us at 616-726-7979!

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