Alisa Vance, Owner

Alisa Vance is the owner of For the Kidz Gymnastics & Trampoline Center. She is a graduate of Cornerstone University with a major in physical education and a minor in early childhood development. Alisa has taught gymnastics for over ten years, is safety-certified, and is a USAG instructor member. Additional certifications include KAT, CPR, First Aid, & Gym Cert Levels 1-3. While Alisa oversees all the programs at For the Kidz, her specialty is preschool, and she teaches classes both in the gym and with the Kidz Tumble Express.

Claire Chance

A Grandville High School student, Claire teaches preschool classes at For the Kidz, and assists with Artistic pre-team.  You’ll also see her at open gyms.  Claire has been involved with gymnastics  and dance for over eight years.

Audrey Clark

Audrey teaches preschool, recreational girls, and even some trampoline and tumbling classes at For the Kidz.  You’ll also see her at open gyms and birthday parties.  Audrey enjoys the great outdoors in her spare time.

Chris DeHaan

Chris is an office worker. A graduate of Calvin College, Chris works on keeping the computer systems running and does light maintenance around the gym.

Sara Deters

Sara teaches trampoline & tumbling classes and assists in other areas as well.  A Hudsonville High School student, Sara has been involved with gymnastics for over eight years.

Dan Gautz

Dan teaches recreational gymnastics and tumbling classes here, and is in his first season with us, but is no stranger to the sport of gymnastics.   A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Dan majored in bio-med and was also a member of the cheerleading squad.

Lori Gesink

Lori works in the office at For the Kidz in her seventh season with us, as well as open gyms, birthday parties, and events with the Kidz Tumble Express. She resides in Dorr with her husband and children. Working with children is a favorite activity, as well as attending various sporting events around the area.

Liz Hilton

Liz is in her fifth season with For the Kidz.  Liz was a gymnast for 7 years, competing through Level 6, and teaches recreational classes here as well as assisting with team.  Liz also helps with HR work.   Summertime activities are a favorite.

Kari Hop

Kari has a gymnastics background and is going on her sixth year of teaching gymnastics, covering rec and preschool classes as well as assisting the team when needed. Kari works as a speech pathologist when she’s not teaching here at For the Kidz.

Katie Kleibusch

Katie comes to us from Orlando, Florida, where she taught gymnastics and trampoline for over 5 years, and is going on her sixth year with us. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, Katie holds a degree in Psychology and recently became a physical therapist assistant.   Katie heads up our trampoline and tumbling team for levels 7 and under.

Lori Morgan

Lori is an office worker going on her 3rd season with us.  She also assists with the paperwork for the Great Lakes Griffins trampoline team.  Traveling is a favorite activity.

Jaryd Owens

Jaryd is in his third year with us teaching tumbling and other rec classes, and assists at open gyms as well.  A former competitor in trampoline and tumbling, Jaryd is now a student at GRCC working towards a business degree.

Randy Owens

Randy has been a full-time gymnastics coach for most of his life.  Randy has taught tumbling for cheerleaders for many years in the Grand Rapids area, and is now in his third season here at For the Kidz.  Randy teaches tumbling classes, preschool classes, and is also one of our trampoline and tumbling coaches for the Great Lakes Griffins.

Rachel Reynolds

Rachel has a gymnastics background, and teaches preschool and recreational classes here. She is also a Junior Achievement Mentor. Rachel plans on being an occupational therapist with a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling.

Alex Richards

Alex, too, has a gymnastics background, and teaches recreational classes here as well as assisting with team, going on her sixth season. She is a senior at Grand Vally University and is working towards a physical therapy degree.

Suzy Sanger

Suzy is in her fifth year at For the Kidz, teaching preschool classes and covering office duties. Suzy has many years of experience working with children, and has 4 children of her own. You’ll also see Suzy helping out with the Kidz Tumble Express.

Katie Sargent

Katie is in her second season with For the Kidz.  Katie was a gymnast with cheerleading as her main focus, and then switched into competitive gymnastics.  She assists the trampoline team as well as recreational classes.   A senior at Sparta High School, Katie plans on a college medical major with a minor in business.

Marie Simmons

Marie is a graduate of Western Michigan University where she majored in English. Marie covers some weekend office duties and helps out where needed.

Michelle Smigelski

Michelle is in her 3rd season with us teaching rec classes as well as assisting at open gyms and birthday parties.  A Grand Valley State University student, Michelle is studying Athletic Training and participates on the cheerleading squad.

Erik Smith

Erik has a competitive gymnastics background, competing in trampoline and tumbling until the age of 17.  Erik assists the team as well as teaching recreational classes, and is a certified USAG judge.  A student at Grand Valley, Erik is majoring in art and hopes to further his graphic design business.

Dr Josh Vance

Josh is our trampoline & tumbling coordinator and head coach of our USAG T&T team. He has been a USAG National Team member and placed 9th at the World Championships in the Netherlands in 2005 on double mini, and was a part of the silver medal earning double mini team at the 2007 World Championships. Josh got his start training at ArtSports in Colorado Springs and Gleason’s Gymnastics in Eagan, Minnesota, and is employed in Ionia specializing in emergency room medicine.

Carrie Zeilstra

Carrie is in her sixth year teaching with us, but has taught gymnastics for over 11 years. Carrie heads up our Artistic Team. She was a competitive gymnast through Level 7, and has taught Special Olympics Gymnastics. Western Michigan University is her alma mater where she graduated with honors with a major in physical education and a minor in health education.

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